SOLOSPORT offers its clients a complete service, for the correct execution of each sports project. After the design, we begin with the correct location of the project to later proceed with its execution, where we can include the movement of earth and leveling of the land, compaction of the natural terrain, installation of geotextiles and geogrids, installation of perimeter pavers, installation and compaction stabilized base, construction of the asphalt layer or concrete radian, installation of the perimeter fence, installation of the sports surface and demarcations of the game, as well as the necessary sports equipment to practice it (nets, net posts, arches, etc.)

Depending on the characteristics of each particular project, it will be necessary to design and build lighting systems, retaining walls, perimeter drainage, access roads, construction of dressing rooms and others.


Deteriorated either due to the passage of years, inclement weather, excessive use or because they have incorrect construction, SOLOSPORT carries out a site visit to verify the real state of the surfaces to subsequently offer the client the alternatives that best represent their needs and budget.


Sometimes clients request transformations of the existing surfaces, SOLOSPORT advises them on the choice of the appropriate surface to reduce maintenance requirements and preserve the playing properties that the client requests.